Why You Should Hire a Motorcoach for Your Wedding Party

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—By Guest Blogger: Mark Wilcox of WeddingIntro.com  Mark is the founder of Wedding Intro which helps brides reduce their stress by providing simple and clear wedding planning information —

If your wedding day is approaching, you may wonder how everyone will arrive to the ceremony and reception. You want to make sure the wedding party has a way to get there, but some of them may have absolutely no way of getting to the special event because they do not have a license or a car to use to get there. However, there is an alternative option available that will make it easier for you to make sure all the most important people you invited can get to the wedding with no problem.

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The Top Customer Complaint

No One is Responding

The number one complaint we receive from charter-seeking customers who use BusRates.com may surprise you: “I never received a response from the company I selected” is the most common problem we hear from users.

The majority of visitors of BusRates.com call listed companies directly, but about 20% submit their trip details using our online form. These form submissions are directly emailed to the companies the visitor selects. On average, visitors select between 3 and 4 companies when using this method.

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Top Tips for Dealing with Unfavorable Reviews

Online reviews are a big deal in the travel industry.

A repertoire of great reviews can mean big business for your service or destination. But when reviews turn from pleased to disgruntled, does your company have a contingency plan to follow?

A wonderful series of responses on LinkedIn discussion forum Hotel Group Network tackled this issue.

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UMA Motorcoach EXPO Registration Opens

Lock in the Lowest Price for 2015

The UMA Motorcoach EXPO at Travel Exchange 2015 in New Orleans attendee registration officially opens Thursday, May 22 and for the first two weeks, operators can save $50 off registration! This special offer expires on June 5th and is the lowest registration price we will offer for the remainder of the 2015 registration period. Visit www.motorcoachexpo.com next week to save!

For the third consecutive year, UMA Motorcoach EXPO teams up with NTA Convention at Trravel Exchange to give you the recipe for success… good times, good friends, and great business!

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Charging More for Wi-Fi a No-No?

Should Bus Operators Follow the Airline Industry?

Last year we shared an article from the bus industry’s bi-weekly trade publication Bus & Motorcoach News entitled, “Airlines Reap Billions in Fees; Can the Coach Industry?” In the article, wireless internet access was suggested as an easy and obvious add-on fee that can help the bottom line. Points of view were divided, but in lieu of the airline industry, charging $15 for wireless internet access sounds very feasible. It can be argued that these additional fees as discussed act as a way for an operator to better understand and calculate price points, as well as communicate value services in a direct fashion.

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Sincerely, Your Transportation Company

Email Signatures Connect Customers

Charter-seeking customers contact bus operators listed on BusRates.com via phone, email, website and form-submitted itinerary. When motorcoach companies reply to emails or the form-submitted itineraries, proper branding helps communicate your company’s name, identity and accessibility to the customer.

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United Motorcoach Association Announces Capitol Hill Days for June 24 and 25

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The United Motorcoach Association (UMA) is pleased to announce the preliminary schedule and registration details for its annual UMA Capitol Hill Days to be held June 24th and 25th in Washington, DC. Owners and senior management from bus and motorcoach companies from around the nation will gather to meet with their Congressional elected officials to discuss the industry’s most pressing legislative issues.

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The Future of Advertising

Content Marketing in Focus

Effective advertising methods continually evolve as audience receptiveness to traditional messaging gradually declines. Inventive methods of capturing consumer attention are improvised, particularly associated with new media and consumer behavior. The World Wide Web is a source of information for consumers, and new marketing strategies aim to attract customers with free content. This strategy is encompassed in a recently popularized buzzword on the tip of the tongue of many online marketing firms the past two years: “content marketing.”

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Around the Web

Security Studies, Social Strategies, and Statistics

This week we’ll highlight three articles from around the web involving technology, travel and industry news to keep you informed and help your business. Have suggestions on specific topics on which you’d like the BusRates.com team to offer advice? Let us know in the comments on the left.

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Valuable Tips for Gaining More Customers, Sales

Guest Article: Bus & Motorcoach News

The following article was provided courtesy of the United Motorcoach Association‘s bi-weekly trade publication Bus and Motorcoach NEWS. This industry bible is filled with timely legislative, regulatory, and industry news. BMN is a value product included with UMA membership.

LOS ANGELES – Even in a marketplace where “price, price, price” is the customer mantra, motorcoach operators who stress value over rock-bottom prices can attract new clients, close more sales and attain higher profits.

That was the message Peter Shelbo, president of Tour West America in Phoenix, and Gladys Gillis, CEO of Starline Luxury Coaches of Seattle, delivered during the UMA Motorcoach EXPO here last month.

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